Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Industrial Rotary Vacuum Dryer manufacturers in India

Currently, Rotary Vacuum Dryer is using the large industries for various purposes. It is because of its efficient and effective uses in different ways. 
Rotary Vacuum Dryer
Rotary Vacuum Dryer 

Vacuum Dryer offers the simple, clean and effective method of drying powder, slurry, and wet cake. When compared to tray dryer, the energy and labor cost is lower. Additionally, product losses are also negligible during handling. In case agitator blade is a single discontinuous spiral or a double continuous spiral.   Moreover, the Rotary Vacuum Dryer machine is manufacturers in India as possible.

  • It has unique and special quick opening discharge valve that allows direct packing of any dry products into drums or bags
  • This device is equipped with various designs of agitators that depends on the material you need to be
  • It offers breaker rods in order to prevent the formation of the lump dried

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