Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Rotary Vacuum Dryers – Avail it from the leading manufacturers of the industry

Rotary Vacuum Dryers are known for offering clean, simple as well as effective method for drying wet cake, powder as well as slurry. 
Rotary Vacuum Dryers
Rotary Vacuum Dryers

Use of Labor along with energy costs are very minimal when compared to tray dryers and product losses made at time of handling are quite less. Additionally the valuable organic solvents gets conveniently condensed as well as recovered. Among popular manufacturers of Rotary Vacuum Dryers, Shakti Engineering works has become extremely famous for offering finest quality products. This company is having skilled and professional technicians with them who are efficient in manufacturing the dryer as per the set standards of the industry. Required attention is given to source top quality raw materials from the trusted vendors in the market to avoid any compromise with the product quality.  The dryer is Equipped with different patterns of agitators based on the material which will be dried. 

The valve for quick opening discharge allows direct packing of the dry product right into the bags or even drums. Use of Breaker rods are done for preventing lump formation and to make quick as well as complete drying. In case you want some customization in the dryer then you can place the request for the same. More...

Friday, 23 February 2018

Explore The Benefits And Uses Of Ribbon Blender

Have you ever heard about the benefits of Ribbon Blender? It is a large machine designed to mix different kinds of materials easily. This machine has thin and ribbon-shaped metal mixers to perform the materials blending process. It is widely accessed in plethora range of industries because it is considered as the versatile machine.
Ribbon Blender
Ribbon Blender

It is featured by the engine, trough, and ribboned agitator to hold the materials that require to be mixed.  This blending device is used to mix a large assortment of both wet and dry materials. You can use this device to mix cereals, salads, pet food, cake mixes, seasonings, and much more.

In addition to, it is largely accessed in the food stalls and bakeries to mix a huge amount of food quickly and easily. The major benefit of the ribbon blender is that it assists you to mix the ingredients properly without any flaws.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

What Are The Benefits Of Rotary Airlock Valve?

Rotary Airlock Valve is also called as a rotary airlock and rotary valves. It helps in offering an airlock seal by offering the increased pressure that assists air locking the various products passing on transitions.
Rotary Airlock Valve
Rotary Airlock Valve

It has a wide range of application in the industry where granules, free-flowing powders, pellets, and crystals are accessed. Some of the typical materials used in the machine are sugar, cement, dust, grains, plastics, flour, cereals, and much more. Industries like chemical, cement, food, mining, asphalt, and plastics are highly requiting this type of valve.

It is perfect for pollution control applications in food, grain, tobacco, paint, textile, and rubber industries. It is precisely designed to offer corrosion resistance and optimum functionality.  Rotary valves are available with round & square inlet and outlet flanges. Carbon steel, cast iron, and other materials are commonly used in manufacturing the rotary valve.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

For perfect mixing in Bulk invest in Planetary Mixer

Planetary Mixers and Its versatility make it one of the essential machines for use in the small bakeries as well as patisseries. Its key features is the availability of interchangeable utensils which can be used the main utensils include a dough hook, whisk and, mixing paddle. 
Planetary Mixer
Planetary Mixer

It offers the scope to the user to develop a wide range of product using the above utensils. To prepare delicious cookies and cakes, these planetary mixers are widely used in Manu big sized bakeries too. Many pharmaceuticals are using this mixer for proper mixing of many ingredients for making of the medicines. Shakti Engineering works emerged as one of best and reliable manufacturers and suppliers of Planetary Mixer. Well trained professionals are engaged with this company and they use top quality raw materials as well as advanced technologies so that these mixers can be made with low vibration features. These mixers are made in such a way that these can function smoothly throughout its lifetime. These are made with extended features and these can run for a longer period. The product is made available in the market at an affordable price to fit the budget. You can have it in various capacities starting from 5 lit to 600 lit.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Reactor Vessel - The heart of a chemical plant

Reactor Vessel acts as the heart of a chemical plant. It acts as a source of some valuable food for the society: electrical energy. Reactor Vessels were designed as well as developed by leading companies is widely used in the commercial nuclear power plant, pharmaceutical industries and chemical plants, etc. 
Reactor Vessel
Reactor Vessel 

Although the industry describes it as cookery vessel but technically it performs more like a pressure vessel. One of the leading companies of the industry on which you can bank for high quality reactor vessel in the industry is Shakti Engineering Works. This firm is known for offering highly durable Reactor Vessel. The key features of the vessels manufactured by this company are:
  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Strong Construction
  • Superior Functionality
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • High Durability
  • Easy Installation

High quality metals like Carbon steel, mild steel and stainless steel are sourced from the leading vendors of the market for manufacturing these vessels. The model sizes which are available vary from 500 liters to 20,000 liters. For more information on this product you can speak to the experts of the company. The product is highly efficient to use because of its robust mixing structure for its homogeneous mixing of different chemicals and ingredients. More...