Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Introduction and Nomenclature of Vibro Sifters

Vibro Sifter comes in different designs nowadays. As per their wide and vivid applications, they are being manufactured distinctly and yes of course, in a wide range. 
Vibro Sifter
Vibro Sifter 

Vibro Sifters have astounding features that makes it so much worth noticing. They are used for the application for separating the materials from one to another. Vibro Sifters are used in sieving the minerals, cement, ceramic, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic, chemicals, etc.


There are two words, vibro and sifter. Vibro is the abbreviation of the word “Vibration” and sifter refers to the sieving or filter. As the vibro sifter works on the basis of vibration motion or Gyro motion and the objective of this machine is to filter the material, it is known as Vibro Sifter. It has couple of different names as well such as Vibro Screener, Sieving Machine, Vibratory Separator, and other such names which have relevant meaning.

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