Thursday, 21 April 2016

Design Analysis and of Rotary Airlock Valve - Shakti Engineering

Main Principle of Rotary Airlock Valve: Rotary Airlock Valve works on the principle of Gyro. Due to this feature, it is able to distinguish with a high degree.

Rotary Airlock Valve
Rotary Airlock Valve

Let us understand the fundamentals of Gyroscope.
Basically, Gyroscope depends on the principle of angular momentum. Angular momentum alters when its direction changes which leads to an inertia moment called gyroscopic moment.

Primarily, the gyroscopic moment is produced because of the coriolis acceleration component. The use of gyroscopic motion is in aircraft, rotors, computer pointing devices, consumer electronic devices, self-leveling pool tables and more.

Design Analysis of Rotary Airlock Valve:
The main equipments used in Rotary Airlock Valve are inlet, outlet, shaft, pockets, and vanes (a flattened section of a helve or plume). The main function of rotary airlock valve is to discharge the device. To make this machine work smoothly in order to achieve the function, there are the principles that need to be covered significantly.

The term “rotary airlock valve” defines that a valve which seals the air in between the inlet and outlet ports while the material keeps on moving continuously from inlet to outlet through the pockets.