Friday, 25 December 2015

Vibro Sifter - The Name of Innovation

Vibro Sifter for mixing material
Vibro Sifter

Vibro Sifter is amazingly superior in screening solid and liquid materials. Made in lots of different models, it perfectly suits a number of applications including pharmaceutical, fertilizers, cosmetic, paint.

The screening diameter of the product ranges from 24, 30, 32, 39, 48 to 60. The high quality vibro sifter is made with the use of best stainless steel materials. Owing to the strong construction, it is incomparably durable.

Rust, abrasion or corrosion remains away from this product as it is able to keep them off. It is the secret of its trusted elegance.

SHAKTI ENGINEERING WORKS is the name of innovation. We have the drive to invent and are committed to setting the exemplary trend in the industry. Our clients are fond of the class of our products. It is the expertise to offer the best output under any conditions that make it such a reliable brand.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Planetary Mixture - Acclaimed to Be Most Functional

Planetary Mixture
Planetary Mixture
Planetary Mixture is admired for having the expertise of mixing, dispersing or kneading materials. Made on the principle of rotation of the planetary blades, there is no match with the perfection it functions smoothly.

Putting more focus on developing the product that has the quality to go on for many years; offering maximum output. The high grade stainless steel has been used in order to ensure it has the desired strength to be unbeatable in the global market----as far as having rugged construction is concerned. 

The standard mixture is very easy to install and remove. It continues to excel in terms of providing the unmatched output. As it is very self-supported, it doesn’t need extravagant maintenance. Besides, it is designed to be efficient and therefore doesn’t consume a lot of electricity.

Having the capability to safeguard against rust and abrasion, it has the quality to retain its shine for a long time.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Rotary Airlock Valve - Unrivalled In Gas Separation and Solid Metering

Rotary Airlock Valve
Rotary Airlock Valve

Rotary Airlock Valve has been made to be a supremely elegant tool for bulk handling system. The new technologies enable the machine to offer not only the ideal performance but also the desired convenience in order to carry the work with ease.

The use of most inventive equipment in its production is the prominent reason why it stands out. The modern machine works on the gyro principle. It excels in delivering high degree of separation.
Keeping in mind the demanding longevity and the skill to offer the best result for long, it has been fabricated with the premium materials. The highly significant qualities such as, rustproof, abrasion resistance increases its durability.

The airlock valve is designed in several models. The size of the product ranges from 150mm to 600mm. With the unrivalled perfection, it is used in lots of different applications for gas separation and solid metering.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Ribbon Blender - Excellence in dry powder mixing

Ribbon Blender for Powder Mixing
Ribbon Blender 
It is unparallel excellence in dry powder mixing that makes Ribbon Blender stand out. The U shaped design brings a unique dimension to its appearance.

The exceedingly productive ribbon blender has been made using the stainless steel structure.  The matt finish gives it yet-another quality ad-on to its class.
The defining protection from abrasion, corrosion or other environmental damage keeps its ever shining.

With the massive 5 to 10, 000 liters working capacity, it has been prepared to be in line with various industrial requirements. Having been developed on custom design, it has the quality to be extremely versatile.

The blender comes in several different models boosted by industry-first design.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Vibro Screen - Designed to Offer Excellent Output

Vibro Screen - Designed to Offer Excellent Output
Vibro Screen
Vibro Screen

Shakti Engineering Works has the reputed name in the manufacturing the most advanced Vibro Screen. Developed as per the various industrial needs in mind, the product is not only superior in terms of quality but also more productive than other similar products in the market.

The robust structure makes in exceptionally durable. Ultra-compact design endows it the much needed strength.

The innovative vibro screen has been made to be ideal in removing dust or oversized particles. Owing to the latest features, it provides excellent output. It excels in making the exact granule size for recycling.

With an aim to matching the various industrial needs, we offer the products in several exclusive models with different sizes and designs. Moreover, based on the specific requirements of the clients, all the features can be best customized.

The product finds its applications in a number of industries such as agro food, bulk food, oil and more.

How Planetary Mixer Works?

When it comes to making a difference, planetary mixer never loses a shot. The high volume and high speed chores gets done by just one equipment. This industrial mixers are found in almost each and every bakery shop and nowadays also at houses. They come in two categories owing to the requirement: table top and full floor units.

Planetary Mixer
Planetary Mixer

Basically, a non-rotating bowl is fixed at the pedestal of the device which holds the material which has to be blended. The agitator tool twirls inside the bowl following the same pattern as the planets revolve allowing the materials mix in the proper ratio. Planetary mixers are pretty much like all-in-one device because there are various types of agitators for various applications.

Uses: Planetary mixer can be used in mixing the dough, pigments, pharmaceuticals, adhesives and many more. The tendency ranges from approximately from 470ml to 3000 liters.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Vibro Screen---- Excels In Making the Exact Granule Size

There are few contemporary brands that can match the excellence of Vibro Screen. It prides itself on having the most advanced technologies that are made to enhance performance.

vibro screen
Vibro Screen

It is unsurpassed in removing the dust as well as oversized particles. It significantly excels in making the exact granule size for recycling and reuse.
The stainless steel construction along with the eye-catching precision finish, it has the durability to go on for years. The burly structure is one of the most appealing aspects of its profile.

Since it has abrasion & corrosion resistance, tensile strength, it is able to shine for ages. Consuming relatively very less electricity and requiring minimal maintenance, it vindicates its claim as the most customer-friendly product of its times.

The ideal performance has immensely assisted it in being the most trusted choice in a number of industries--as for example, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, spices and more.