Monday, 28 September 2015

Ribbon Blender - Prepared on Custom Design

Ribbon Blender
Ribbon Blender
It is unparallel excellence in dry powder mixing that makes Ribbon Blender stand out. The U shaped design brings a unique dimension to its appearance.

The exceedingly productive ribbon blender has been made using the stainless steel structure.  The matt finish gives it yet-another quality ad-on to its class. The defining protection from abrasion, corrosion or other environmental damage keeps its ever shining.

With the massive 5 to 10, 000 liters working capacity, it has been prepared to be in line with various industrial requirements. Having been developed on custom design, it has the quality to be extremely versatile.

The blender comes in several different models boosted by industry-first design. Everything starting from each and every specification to design can be customized on demand.

Putting quality performance on top, it has been made to go through numerous tests. As a result, the blender is able to provide appreciable output with desired speed, convenience and precision. 

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Friday, 25 September 2015

Rotary Airlock Valve - Signifies True Standard

Rotary Airlock Valve - Signifies True Standard

Shakti Engineering Works is the famed manufacturer of Rotary Airlock Valve which has been specifically made for the bulk handling system. Equipped with the performance-defining technologies, it has been designed to be more advanced and efficient.

This innovative valve is fitted below chain conveyor, ESP, Bag filter silos, hopper to produce the needed output. It is excellent in offering rated drop-through discharge.
Besides, it is fully capable of working as a rotary airlock to seal. It is able to prevent back flow of material in a pressurized system. Created on the gyro principal, the highly productive machine provides a high degree of separation.

Being available in several stunning designs, it can withstand maximum temperature & pressure with ease. The ultra-modern machine comes in a number of exclusive sizes ranging from 150mm to 600mm.

With different speed range and work process, it is perfectly fabricated to suit specific requirements. Known to provide maximum output, it is incredibly easy to use. It finds its roots in many industries in gas separation as well as solid metering applications.